Getting Started

1.1.0 - All of my forms have been signed, mailed and processed, and I have my username, domain and password. How do I install RealTick for the Internet?

Simply go to the link at the bottom of this page. This will take you to our downloads page, with three links. These links point to the same file -- e.g., RealTick20070228.013.msi -- but are different means of downloading that file. Selecting HTTP download should be good enough for most users.

Save the file to your computer (the default location will be either My Documents or Desktop). Remember where the file is saved. Once the download is complete, double-click on the file and select "Run". This will open the installer. Follow the instructions the installer gives.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that you select "Complete Install" when the installer gives you the option.

The RealTick MSI is over 10MB, so downloading it serves as a decent test of your Internet connection. If you have consistent trouble downloading the RealTick installer, then you are very likely to have problems consistently running RealTick.

Download and Install RealTick


1.2.0 - How do I run RealTick?

These instructions show you how to run RealTick for the first time.

1. On your keyboard, look at the Caps Lock light. If the light is lit, press the Caps lock key until the light is not lit.

2. Click the Start button. A menu appears.

3. On the Start menu, click Programs. Another menu appears.

4. On the Programs menu, click RealTick. An additional menu will appear.

5. On the RealTick menu, click RealTick. All menus disappear, and the RealTick window will appear. In front of the RealTick window, the login dialog will appear.

6. In the Username field, type your username, omitting spaces and periods. All letters typed here will appear in uppercase.

7. In the Domain field, type your domain name, omitting spaces and periods. All letters typed here will appear in uppercase.

8. In the Password field, type your password. All characters enetered here will appear as asterisks (*). The password is case-sensitive, which means that the case of a character is important, e.g., "REALTICK" is a different password from "RealTick."

9. Click the OK button. RealTick will now begin to load your account and your page.

Note: The Locale field governs which set of RealTick servers you connect to. The Locales to which you can connect are predetermined based on your domain.

1.3.0 - How do I uninstall RealTick?

1. Click on the Start menu.

2. Click on Settings.

3. Click on Control Panel. The Control Panel folder will appear.

4. Double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon in the Control Panel folder. The Add/Remove Programs window will appear.

5. Scroll down to the bottom of the list of installed programs, until you get to RealTick.

6. Click on RealTick.

7. Click on Remove.