The new Eze EMS xAPI platform is powered by Google's high performance gRPC framework which allows engineers to quickly build efficient and connected systems. Clients can now seamlessly connect their proprietary applications, custom models and workflows, built in any gRPC supported language - C#/C++, Python, Java, Go, or Ruby, to name a few - with Eze EMS to leverage best-in-class global execution capabilities providing comprehensive trading, data, and risk solutions. Eze EMS xAPI is supported on both Windows and Linux.

Eze EMS xAPI is robust, easy-to-use and enables programmers and trading businesses to complete various trading workflows as well as access key information, including:

  • Automating order routing - to smart order routers, algorithms and other trading systems
  • Routing orders to multiple brokers, dark pools, ATS, and MTFs via the Eze EMS Global Routing Network - across asset classes
  • Staging or routing single name and pairs orders
  • Accessing balances, positions, executions and other order details
  • Accessing comprehensive list and basket capabilities

Looking for more information? Check out our comprehensive EMS xAPI Knowledgebase portal to experience the power of EMS xAPIs.


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