Eze EMS API® Overview

Eze EMS is an open platform, providing infinite possibilities. Software developers can write custom trading, risk management and analytic applications using the Eze EMS API (Application Programming Interface).  Our robust, easy-to-use Windows and Linux based APIs provide programmers and trading businesses with the framework to access the information they need.

Multi-Programming Language Support

  • C++
  • C#.NET
  • FIX
  • Eze EMS Scripting
  • Eze EMS for Microsoft Excel™

Support for Windows and Linux Operating Systems

Eze EMS Trading API

Integrate a third party or proprietary order generating system using the Eze EMS Trading API to:

  • Automate order routing - to smart order routers, algorithms and other trading systems 
  • Route orders to multiple brokers, dark pools, ATS, and MTFs via the Eze EMS Global Routing Network -  across asset classes 
  • Access balances, positions, executions and other order details
  • Utilize advanced margin, suitability and risk management functionality
  • Access comprehensive list and basket capabilities

Developer Support

  • Documentation and Sample Code – The Eze EMS Developer's Corner and Eze EMS API QuickStart Application provide the real-life example code and the documentation you need to get up and running with Eze EMS API
  • Client Solutions – E-mail apisupport@ezesoft.com or call 312-442-8122 for Eze EMS API Support