RealTick API®

RealTick API® Overview

RealTick is an open platform, providing infinite possibilities. Software developers can write custom trading, risk management and analytic applications using the RealTick API (Application Programming Interface).  Our robust, easy-to-use Windows-based APIs provide programmers and trading businesses with the framework to access the information they need.

Multi-Programming Language Support

  • C++
  • C#.NET
  • FIX
  • RealTick Scripting
  • RealTick for Microsoft Excel™

Support for Windows and Linux Operating Systems

RealTick Market Data API

Use the RealTick Market Data API to access market data:

  • Consolidated, global, cross-asset class market data feed – equities, options, futures, futures options and FX
  • Streaming, real-time and historical market data – Level 1 and 2
  • Test and back-test trading strategies with high quality data from one of the industry’s leading market data providers
  • Feed computer assisted trading tools, compliance, reporting and other risk management and analytics applications

RealTick Trading API

Integrate a third party or proprietary order generating system using the RealTick Trading API to:

  • Automate order routing - to smart order routers, algorithms and other trading systems 
  • Route orders to multiple brokers, dark pools, ATS, and MTFs via the RealTick Global Routing Network -  across asset classes 
  • Access balances, positions, executions and other order details
  • Utilize advanced margin, suitability and risk management functionality
  • Access comprehensive list and basket capabilities

Developer Support

  • Documentation and Sample Code – The RealTick Developer's Corner and RealTick API QuickStart Application provide the real-life example code and the documentation you need to get up and running with RealTick API
  • RealTick Advanced Client Service – E-mail or call 312-453-8262 for RealTick API Support